Blue Skies Craft was created to provide teachers, home schools and children with craft activities for multiple purposes:

  • Grief and Loss – Craft can provide a creative outlet from stormy feelings and emotions.
  • Curriculum – These activities were developed for classroom use and there are links to the Australian Curriculum in each task.
  • Fine Motor – Craft is a great way for  children to strengthen and master fine motor skills.
  • Language Development – Some activities can be used with story books which are linked to the Australian Curriculum.
  • Having Fun!

These activities have been developed and used in the classroom and are tried and tested.

Some activities are more play based and are included as they achieve a similar purpose.

If it didn’t work with the kids, it’s not here!

Please let me know if there is anyway I can help you with developing an activity for you at blueskiestomorrow3@gmail.com

More information about grief and loss can be found at blueskiestomorrow.com

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