Sea Aquarium

Learning about sea creatures with little people can be hands on and lots of fun.

Paper Bag Bear

Enjoy making this cute little talking bear hand puppet!

Expanding Pictures

Young children enjoy this activity using animals, motorbikes, or an action sporting figure. Middle School students have used a celebrity icon, favorite band or artist in black and white, which looks really effective.

Name Poster

It’s great when little ones come to school and know how to spell their name.

Our name is closely linked to our identity and how we see ourselves. Each one of us is unique and different. This can be pointed out to children using this activity.

Everyone has value, and children of all ages enjoy this activity.

Paper Plate Wolf

Here is a fun activity which could be modified in various ways, using crepe, paints or pencils/textas.

This activity should provide for a wide range of ability levels.

Play with Play Dough

Playing with play dough can be a great sensory activity for children who have experienced grief and loss. It can give them a sense of control in their own world as they create something uniquely their own.