Talking Chemo

Art and craft therapy can be a valuable creative escape in difficult circumstances

Exploring Family Change

When families change, giving children an opportunity for expression can be healing for them. 

The Silhouettes in Life

A great art activity to look at contrasts. This activity could be used to explain to children about ‘dark’ or sad times in our lives.

Memory Chair Cover

An alternative Christmas craft activity for young people to remember and honour their special person this Christmas.

Christmas Gift Box

A quick and easy activity for all kids to achieve success, for that special little gift!

Sea Aquarium

Learning about sea creatures with little people can be hands on and lots of fun.

Expanding Pictures

Young children enjoy this activity using animals, motorbikes, or an action sporting figure. Middle School students have used a celebrity icon, favorite band or artist in black and white, which looks really effective.

Name Poster

It’s great when little ones come to school and know how to spell their name.

Our name is closely linked to our identity and how we see ourselves. Each one of us is unique and different. This can be pointed out to children using this activity.

Everyone has value, and children of all ages enjoy this activity.