Christmas Gift Box



A quick and easy activity for all kids to achieve success, for that special little gift!


You will need:

Cube template attached

A4 Card

Christmas paper

Ribbon and sequins to decorate





Print off the template.  You can choose to print it onto coloured card, or to print it onto plain card and then glue to decorative Christmas paper.

Cut out the template.

Fold your cube on the dotted lines and make it into its basic shape.

Glue the small tabs in place, leaving the lid open.

Decorate your box with ribbon.  Place a ribbon around the middle of the box, and glue a bow on top.

Now put something special into your box and give it to a special person!


Teaching Points:

This doesn’t have to be a Christmas box, but used as a gift box for any time of the year.

Incorporate this activity with a lesson on 3D shapes.

Look at different cube shapes of objects in the classroom.

Take the children on an emu walk around the yard looking for cube shapes in the environment.

Explore the Christmas tradition of gift giving.

Link this activity to a text about Christmas presents or the significance of the Christmas tree.

For grief and loss – this little box could be the bearer of a gift for a parent or loved one who is away from the child, either by divorce/separation or through bereavement.  This box could be placed under the tree after the young person has written a small note or made a small treasure and placed it inside the box, in memory of their loved one.


Links to the Australian Curriculum:

Learning Area: English

Literacy – Interacting with others

Listen to and respond orally to texts and to the communication of others in informal and structured classroom situations (ACELY1646)


Learning Area: Mathematics

Measurement and Geometry – Shape

Sort, describe and name familiar two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional objects in the environment (ACMMG009)

Word knowledge – understand learning area vocabulary


General Capabilities – Literacy / Reading/ Speaking/ Listening / Numeracy


Christmas Box Template:  christmas-box-template


For more information on helping children through grief and loss during the holiday season go to